~Hotel Information~

【Room Imformation】

Twin room with balcony 

Two beds are available: a single bed and a loft bed.
Each room opens onto a balcony, allowing you to breathe the outside air.
The hotel has a space for socializing and eating, but there is also a space for eating and drinking in the room. Please use it for couples and couples.
It can also be used by 2 adults and 1 child.
Please contact us if you are staying for a long time.

air conditioner

☑freewifi ☑air conditioner ☑Television ☑balcony
☑Closet   ☑Clothesline ☑
Desk chair

Mix- Dormitory  wood cavin

It is the cheapest room in the hotel.
Since it is a sturdy and handmade bunk bed, there is little shaking and the sound up and down is less noticeable. Of course, wifi is also available in the room.
Privacy is also protected because you can enter the room with a special card. There is no need to worry about guests staying in other rooms or people from outside entering.
You can relax and enjoy your private time. However, when talking, please use the social space.
If you would like to stay for a long time, please contact us.


☑Freewifi ☑air conditioner ☑fan ☑locker

Woman Only Dormitory(wood cavin) 

We have prepared 6 women-only beds so that women can use it with peace of mind.
Because it is a sturdy and handmade bunk bed, it will not shake the bunk bed. It is designed so that the noise of the people staying at the top and bottom is not disturbing.
Since you can enter the room with a card key dedicated to the room, non-guests can enter and privacy is protected. However, when talking, please use the social space.
If you would like to stay for a long time, please contact us.


☑freewifi ☑air conditioner ☑fan ☑Counter

Facility information


You can cook the ingredients you bring or buy on the spot. Why don’t you cook the Okukuji ingredients you bought at the local product exhibition in the shared kitchen? Basic seasonings are available.
Please return the used items to their original positions.

Free space

〇 A space where travelers can talk slowly
〇 A space where you can relax while watching TV
It is a space where you can interact with travelers and business people from various places. Dormitories are not available for meals, so please eat here.
We also provide guidebooks and tourist information about Daigo Town.



※Meals will be available from September 2023
It is a food and drink space where you can enjoy Okukuji gourmet, which is said to be the best taste in the Japan. Okukuji has many attractive ingredients such as rice, Okukuji shamo, Okukuji apple, watercress, tea, etc. called Japan No. 1. Please enjoy Okukuji gourmet.
Breakfast: 900 yen (tax included)
Dinner: 1300 yen (tax included)
*You can choose between Japanese and Western breakfast.



When you arrive at the hotel, please climb the outdoor stairs first, change into slippers and go inside.
Check-in is accepted at the reception as it is.*Check-in is from 4 p.m. to 10 p.m.

Shower room

(As of August, it is in the state of a unit bath) We have two shower rooms that are open 24 hours a day. Shampoo, rinsue, body soap, and soap are available.Towels are charged.
Bath towel rental 150 yen

Wash room & TOILET

2 washbasins and 2 toilets
Each is available.
We clean it every day so that everyone can use it with peace of mind, but if it gets dirty after use, we would appreciate it if you could return it to a clean state.
Hair dryer hair irons are also available.

Summary of facility functions

〇 WiFi available  〇 Daigo town tourist information
〇 Valuables locker   〇 Shower available
〇 Microwave    〇 Toaster    
〇 Pot  〇IH cookware  〇 Shared refrigerator  
〇 Washing and drying 〇 Free coffee

〇 Free tea, black tea  〇 Hanger clothesline
〇 Air conditioner available 〇 There is an exchange space
〇 PS4 available   〇 Children OK

〇 Business use OK    〇 Napkins available
× Use of pets × Use only for children

☑ Washing machine: 100 yen per time,
☑Dryer: 100 yen per time
☑ Rental bath towel: 150 yen

☑ Toothbrush: 50 yen
☑ Comb: 50 yen

☑ Laundry detergent: 50 yen
☑ Shaver: 50 yen, Socks: 200 yen